Class #3 Synchronous F2F

Class 3 Face to Face 1.5 hours

This class met at one of the elementary school’s workroom.  I did not like the physical space–circle tables grouped together–hard to share and I like using the lcd/screen to share with.

This classed focused on how we were using our networking tools and the differences between 20th and 21st Century Learning.

I went to a Technology Leadership Day in Columbus about 5 years ago.  Where we looked at 21st Century Skills.  Although the focus started to be on technology it quickly changed to: 21st Skills that did not not require computers–because several districts either did not have many computers or they did not have internet connections.  So I took away from that day that you do not need a computer to help kids with 21C Skills.  Like problem solving, ciritical thinking, networking etc.  Does technology make this easier–most definately.

So when we moved all those post-it-notes around on the table it was interesting to hear what my colleagues thought about all the different skills that make up good 21st C habits.

Talking pedagogy is probably not my strongest suit since I am realitively new to K-12 education but I think I have a good grasp on skills of the 20th and 21st century.

I will be working in Google Docs with one topic!  Now to tackle Google Docs–I have gotten my password updated again at school so here I go……….

This past week I had taken some footage–for a Community Forum on Underage Drinking–so when discussing how to share to the rest of the community I have posted up the video (after editing) to You Tube.  This is my first time using You Tube to share–it was exciting!  One thing I learned was that you can go out to a website to get an “extension” that way I could post up the entire 1 hour presentation together.  You Tube also requires Googel email account/password. 1 Hour


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