Role of 21st Century Teacher

Notes for Class

The Life of a Literacy Coach

Hanson, Liz. “The Life Of A Literacy Coach.” Educational Leadership 69.2 (2011): 78. Middle Search Plus. Web. 10 Mar. 2013.


  • Allows for year long PD
  • Demonstrate a lesson
  • Bounce Ideas off of
  • Progress monitoring and Using data
  • Work 1:1 or small/large group of teachers

Five Components of Coaching:

  1. Walk-Throughs—stop 10 minutes not evaluative but for trends.  Allow for teacher support.
  2. Literacy Team Meetings—2x/month for 45-60 minutes—review last topic and try a new one
  3. Formal Coaching—work along teachers, plan, teach
  4. Professional Learning Communities—literacy or math focus
  5. Weekly Meetings with Principal—to better communicate needs of teachers and of principal

The Virtual Library by Joyce Valenza

Valenza, Joyce Kasman. “The Virtual Library.” Educational Leadership 63.4 (2005): 54. Middle Search Plus. Web. 10 Mar. 2013.

Physical and virtual space are important, it must offer 24/7 access, instruction and guidance that support f2f interactions of teachers and students.


  • Students have trouble navigating the web
  • Not able to get high-quality information
  • Quickly—want it fast
  • Need help finding and using information
  • Need user friendly interface
  • Collaborate

Virtual Library:

  • Home page—research, media use and leisure reading
  • Search Options

*”Google-reliant students are not prepared for academic research and often make poor information and research decisions.”

  • Have a question—click a link
  • Pathfinders—intervene not take over the research process
  • Information Ethics
  • Invisible Web
  • Use EBSCO and GaleNet
  • Subject directories and metasearch tools
  • Need to create a window into learning
  • User access search engines
  • Databases
  • References
  • General library and school info

Check out New Trier High School Library in Illinois and Springfield Township Library in PA

21st Century librarian:

Connect student with tools at school and at home

Loan out cameras, computers, flash sticks

Be able to locate streaming resources

Can tame information!!

Resources for Creating Virtual Libraries

Examples of School Virtual Libraries

Resources for School Librarians:

A Habitat for 21st Century Learning

Helm, Judy HarrisTurckes, StevenHinton, Ken. “A Habitat For 21St Century Learning.” Educational Leadership 67.7 (2010): 66. Middle Search Plus. Web. 10 Mar. 2013.


A Meaningful Shift Article

I like the part where it said in @0th C classroom the teacher had to differentiate but with 21st C teacher who uses digital, social and collaborative tools the students differentiate learning for themselves.


The 21st Century Educator

  • ·         Being Networked
  • ·         Global Conferencing—RSS
  • ·         Personal connections
  • ·         Joining Communities
  • ·         Constantly Connecting
  • ·         Express Yourself Blog

Quote: Technology will never replace teachers.  However, teachers who know how touse technology effectively to help their students connect and collaborate together online will replace those who do not. J


A Day in the Life of a Connected Educator-Using social media in the 21st century classrooms

  • ·         Social media and web tools=change classroom into a learning environment.
  • ·         The infographic showed how this teacher stayed connected all day long—planning ahead and then adding some connections as she went along
  • ·         It is about the teacher becoming connected first!!

Notes from articles that I have read–got a little distracted with 21st Librarian articles as well. 🙂






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