Fragmentation–Teachers Putting the Pieces Together?

“Teaching in Social and Technological Networks.” Connectivism.

This article is focusing on the shift that has to occur in the 21st century. “Teachercontrol is replaced with influence and instead of controlling a classroom a teacher now influences or shapes a network (Teaching in Social).

The author presents a list of new teacher roles:

  1. Amplifying—like retweeting.  Each retweet amplifies the initial message or article.  Teacher will only be one “node” that students may follow and listen to.
  2. Curating—a curator is an expert learner who can “guide” the learning through the artifacts.
  3. Wayfinding and socially-driven sensemaking—is the making sense of that is laid in front of them.   Making sense of “fragmented” information.
  4. Aggregating—pulling fragmented information together.
  5. Filtering– Selecting the readings for a topic might be the role of the teacher.
  6. Modeling—an apprenticeship of sorts.
  7. Persistent presence—having an online presence.

In summary the author states, “The tools for controlling both content and conversation have shifted from the educator to the learner.”

Reflections—we are taking a highly structure setting with the teacher having all the knowledge and power, a textbook and a class to absorb what those have to have to give and going to a highly unstructured setting.  One that the author called fragmented—where your lessons or the lessons that students are presenting are coming from You Tube, Articles, Journals, Websites, Blogs etc.  Pulling this all together and being to weigh the resources used.  Are they well balanced, biased etc.  An interesting take on where our role is going!!


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