More Reflections on 21st Role of Teacher

More on Teacher Role in 21st Century
Hara, Billie. “Learning-Centered Pedagogy.” ProfHacker. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 24 June 2010.  Web. 17 March 2013.
June 24, 2010
By Billie Hara
Teacher Centered—is the style of learning/teaching that is 20th Century. It is for content dissemination. The author states, “this is limiting to students.”
Student Centered—the role of the teacher is not clear cut or “predictable”.
Students will create knowledge by working together with other students, with teacher, with the outside community. This will give it a “real world” feel. Not all students can adapt to this more chaotic way of learning.
I like this chart that compares Teacher and Student Centered Learning from this article:


This article goes on to talk about whether either approach is correct—not much room in the middle of these too approaches.
The article leaves the reader with the thought perhaps Teacher or Student should be replaced with the word: Learning-Centered so that there could be a blend.  So you can match learning style, discipline etc.


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