Twitter–Getting Connected to Your PLN

As a result of being involved in this class I have decided with a colleague to do a PD on Twitter.  We planned it and then implemented it.

I read many article about using Twitter in Education.  I have made a concerted effort to be an active participant in Twitter.  I am tweeting –about 120 tweets since we started this class.  I am now following 100 and and I have 104 followers.  I think I was at 35/40 for both of these when I started this class.

I love to lurk–but time still seems to be a factor for me–never enough!!

I also took part in Discovery Education’s Tweet Chat one night.  I left that hour chat with about 20 open tabs. of resources–new people to follow and new people to follow me.

PD with staff was interesting.  I promoted the PD–see a WMS teacher transfomed through use of Twitter.  I assisted with who to follow, a handout (New Twitter) WMS Tweets a wiki (I asked staff who was Tweeting to add people worthy to follow) and being available to set up Twitter with staff. I let James talk about his transformation.  W  It was a free lunch so that we had a good turn out.  I would say we had about 4-5 teachers who all ready had accounts.  I think we picked up new teachers.  I jsut keep hearing Cary’s words in my brain–Baby Steps!

Time in Twitter:  From start of class to 17 March 2013 (including reading and setting up PD for staff)  6 Hours


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Media/Tech Specialist, loves middle school students, techy, reader, life-long learner who needs a place to keep all the great books she reads and wants to share with others and a proud mom!
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