Just Where Am I?

These were my thoughts on TPACK2, TIM and SAMR–posted to the NING

TPACK2–These are forms of knowledge that teachers have and how all three of them are interconnected. I would think we want to strive for the middle—Masterful 21st century classroom focused on essential learnings—good learning theory and supported by technology. I had a chuckle as I thought about those who I teach with—they are in every section of this diagram—now how do I and they move more toward the center? I think I found myself in Modern/limited or Exciting/disconnected. I hope there are strategies to move us inward associated with this diagram—where the educator dynamically integrates all three knowledge domains (as in the 2nd diagram). I see the TPACK2 as the big picture.

TIM–like Jane I see this as big rubric in which to evaluate the level of integration into the classroom. I agree with Jane this would be a great self-evaluation tool for a lesson. What IF this also became a part of a teacher evaluation? WSD does a great job I think with evaluation allowing us to grow and to coach. Wonder if the principal could motivate us to move closer to the center by evaluating where our lessons fall on this rubric. I thought it was really cool to see lesson plan examples. I think I could look at these lesson plans all day from both Florida and Arizona.

SAMR—this is about how technology is used in the classroom—whether we are just substituting a 21th century method for a 20th century method or if the way we think/learn has been redesigned by using technology. I think this is something that you work your way up to—starting with the substituting—feeling the comfort and then daring to go farther.

All in all these are instructional practices which show us how to approach technology integration.

The above comments were posted to the Class Ning.  Spent and hour and half looking at graphs and charts.  I looked at a least a dozen or so samples from the TIM Arizona and Floriday Lessons.

This was in preparation for a face to face meeting. 4/18/13

My reflection–This was a great exercise to push us to look at where we are in relation to where we want to be.  This also made understand why Technology Professional Development is sssoooooooooooooooooooooooo difficult.  Our staff is all over on the spectum-we have many content and pedagogy experts.  A few 21st Centrury experts but I really feel like most are just dabbling in the overlapped areas–including me.

My thoughts are how do we move a group of teachers toward the center when they are all at differnet points–where do we begin?  It would almost be better if they were all at the same point.

I was in a Blackboard meeting a week ago and a staff memeber who I would consider a great content expert had many aha moments.  The staff member wanted to know how they could get PD to implement tech into the Bb.  I wanted to say–“if you would come to last weeks PD it was on…. and the screen casts I posted on different topics” but I didn’t.  What I did say was I would be happy to help them in any way possible.  My frustrations that I can’t to PD on 1:1 basis.

So my dilemma where do I begin?  If I was taking this class and I only needed to worry about me–I think I could map out a plan to move myself forward.  To perhaps use one of the example lessons and get a feel what it is like to move up a level in the technology continum.  Now I have to do some thinking about my plan for the coming year.

What I do know–since I did the tablet cadre @FHS is that we have to be users and grow our own PLN before we can teach others or expect our students to grow theirs.  Once you embrace technology the next step is to move inward on the TPACK.

So where am I?  I have been in my present district for 3 years.  I think that between my principal, myself, blackboard that the staff is using more technology on the first and second level on the SAMR chart.  So there has been movement after all.




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