Tonight’s class was held in Twaddle–I thought this was a great space!  It appears that as an attendee I could create my own white board and share as well as the mediator.  We had one class member who could not get on 😦

The Tool:

This tool allowed for natural conversations–which was nice but had to be careful not to talk over each other–could raise hand.

I love being able to collaborate all at the same time–typing.

I think this is a tool that I would be able to use in class with students or adult learners.

The Content:

Tonight we looked at breaking down the TPACK2 and the application of it.  We took the three circles from the Venn Diagram (Pedagogy, Content and Technology) and looked first at instructional practices–what does the group do now–we just listed as many as we could think of.  Then we thought about what technology tools we were using and how they might team up with a specific instructional practice (ie:  concept mapping–  Next we were asked to list some content.  Our instructor choose one and then we brainstormed what instructional practices could be used and then what tech tools might work.

It was a great exercise.  The final piece was to see did we move closer to the sweet spot in the center–were we truly integrating the tech and not substituting.   I still struggle with the global piece–this is an area for improvement for me.  In research this year–as a starter more for me than for students–I asked the students who might they contact who might be considered an expert on their topic.  I was able to move a few students forward–like the student who did Brain Cancer–he contacted a doctor at UC Hospitals Brain Center.  He asked what new treatments were available (need to work on the “expert” to make sure to talk in 8th grade terms.)  Another student did a report on Cedarpoint and because I told her it could not be a report about the rides–I made her research what economic impact Cedarpoint has on the community–and I asked her to contact the Chamber of Commerce.

It was tough for me to come up 150 experts–as the students were not quite skilled enough to figure this out on their own.  I think I will start keeping a master list of who students contact!

My Reflection for the night:

Sometimes I forget the P & T’s in TPACK–the instructional strategies–it was nice to get that list–I book marked it (and okay–printed it too).  Today we were forced to think purposefully about content, instructional practices and of course technology!  It was a great exercise.

Time:  1 hour F2F 30 minutes in reflection and checking out different things that were talked about.


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