Reflection from Twitter Post ….This Little Teacher Went to the App Store

From Tweet 4/23/13 From Steven W. Anderson

The blog post talks about teachers being all over the board in relation to technology–my reflection from my own school earlier this week!!

The question is posed:  How important is technology and when integrating technology what’s really important?

District implemented a 1:1 in some classrooms –although in our jobs we might think instructionaly technology is the most important feature–so did this schools IT people but they decided to look at and focus on Pedagogy–as they feel with the recent implementation of CCC–teachers have the content.  They found making the classroom more authentic using PBL instead of the teacher being in front of the room has made a huge difference.

The end result–“this change has led their technology  implementation rather than the technology taking the lead.”   This post supports the discussion we had in this week’s on TPACK2–and how instructional strategies naturally leads teachers to integrate technology.  It follows the activity that we did with Cary this week in class!

Spent 1 hour looking and tweeting.  Symbaloo–1 hour working on a webmix of authors and book trailers.


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