Creating a Lesson that is Learner Centered


The first thing I thought of when I reviewed this unit was WOW!  What great essential questions to explore! I wish I was taking this class!  I was wondering since the title is 6th Grade PLUS if this is a unit for a gifted group of students? I was a little overwhelmed when looking at the project in it’s entirety. I like all the high level thinking activities that are in this project and the technology used.

What I saw that supports the TECHNOLOGY & Pedagogy circless in TPACK2

  • students must have a lot of access to computers –perhaps a 1:1 environment.

  • using plot diagram and story map

  • finding digital resources–to allow them evaluate and analyze information–defining then compare and contrasting information to come up with their own definition of a memoir and finding good interview questions and examples of podcasts

  • brainstorming/crowdsourcing was done a couple of times–perhaps an online resource to collect all of these ideas

  • Reflections

  • Choice of many different tools that they could use to present their final product

  • Interdisciplinary approach

Since last weeks class and some further reading I think that looking at Pedagogy/Teaching Strategies was an important to design first and then fit technology tools that will transform learning.

  • Set the project up as a real world project–they have been hired to write a memoir of 2-3 generations of their family.  What would people like to read about?

  • After story map and plot diagram share essential question–perhaps turn some of the project over to the students–Problem Based Learning–perhaps create a Choice Board from their suggestions so that students can select something they are interested in.

  • Connect (they used this day in history) major events, inventions or famous people that influenced their lives

  • Have students activate what they already know about their family

  • Instead of many different projects perhaps focus on depth of one project

  • Use a tool that can collect all their information over time (I am not sure if Google Docs is the tool–not so familiar with it)  But a blog or wiki–where students can comment on others students work and give feedback

  • Create with students a Rubric to clearly define all the requirements

My thoughts kept coming back to how can we turn this learning over to the students and how  can we as educators become more of a facilitator/coach.  

One of the article I read said, “The characteristics of the 21st century classroom will be very different from those of in the classrooms of the past because the focus is on producing students who are highly productive, effective communicators, inventive thinkers and masters of technology.”   From the article:  Characteristics of a 21st Century Classroom


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