What’s My Vyew?

Vyew was the virtual meeting space for this week–which was interesting!  If it worked seemslessly it would have been great.  But as with many tools sometimes you just have to work through it.  Cary always does such a great job working through the kinks.

This tool allowed  audio and text chat, use the white board by typing, writing, or post it notes.  I think it is a great collaborative tool.

Okay my vyew–on the content–I think Cary and our class is doing a great job pulling together 21st century habits.  First we talked about web tools–what our favorite tools are and how we are using them.  I think it is great that Jen and Jane are doing so much collaboration.  I think adding the global element is challenging–get a class that is a good match and working around the time issues.  It would probably work best with tools like voice thread, glogster etc.

Then we looked at Simple Books (which I need to explore) we looked what ressonates with me–I think that tool belt theory.  I think that through this class I have a better understanding of interconnection of content, pedagogy and technology.  I like the idea of talking about instructional strategies and then look at various tools to see what tool might be used.  Not to substitute a tech tool for an old way of doing something but looking to see if learning can be transformed using a tech tool.

I sometimes feel like I have a whole different take on what we are doing in this class–I see my role as moving our staff ( a whole group of people) in a direction toward the inter circles of TPACK2.  So as I reflect on this last class I have a great respect for Cary as she has moved an entire district in a postive way toward those inner circles.  This weeks class and preparations—2 hours.



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Media/Tech Specialist, loves middle school students, techy, reader, life-long learner who needs a place to keep all the great books she reads and wants to share with others and a proud mom!
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