The end of one class is the beginning of the next

Our final face to face meeting was on May 13th.  What a great day of learning and reflecting.

What stuck with me from that day–“Let it Rain” I like the Death Valley Blooms analogy to education.  It truly was a transformation!  And transformation is where I want to be heading–I want technology to transform my teaching.

We spent some time reviewing all the different matrix we talked about over the course of this class–which was a good review.

We had a guest designer–who was great!  She was from Canada and she has her 1st graders blogging–it was precious!  But what struck me the most was the use of social media with these elementary students.  When she asked for help on Twitter she had many responses–I felt the need to ask how many she followed and how many followed her—thousands!  That was inspiring.  Made my hundred + seem like nothing!  It is great to see an educator in action using 21st habits.

A couple of days after the class was over I went back to our agenda to look at the additional tools that Cary shared.  I have used Cool Tools for Schools before–great resource.  The two that I signed up for was Thing-A-Link–which looks like Pinterest and Screen Leap–which intrigues me that you can share your desktop with anyone. Still looking at the privacy settings with this web tool. I also signed up for Show Me What’s Wrong–thought I could share this with my mother-in-law—since she always asked me for help–but we are not speakng the same language–desktop, folders, icons–all meaningless words to her!

Work part of the day–I felt this was the part where it was hard to find my focus.  Kris and I spent some time just looking for websites on research and trends–a few good hits that I put in Diggo.  Kris and I spent a lot of time talking about research but did not upgrade a lesson.  I also picked Cary’s brain on research—I heard her tell me loud and clear to make sure I give up control.  What I decided to work on is making the research relevant and purposeful.  My focus for topics is going to be on 8th grade topics covered in 4th quarter.  I am going to collaborate with the 8th grade staff on getting topics they cover in 4th quarter and see if students can co-teach that topic with teacher or lead a discussion.  I am going to continue and refine my practice of students writing an Essential Question–that answers the question “why do I care about this topic” to make it relevant to them.

I really like the lesson plan and have adopted it to be my template for future lesson plans.

I need to find the final article listed in agenda that talked about practical ways to transform lesson plans.

I have printed out a couple of pages on the “T and P” of TPACK2 to help me as I write lesson plans.

Although I did not update a lesson formally–I am on my way to making some needed changes to research.




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