So What’s the Big Idea?

My final thoughts on NewSpaces4Learning:

Big Ideas:

  • It’s not all about technology!
  • That Pedagogy naturally leads to using technology tools.
  • Transforming how we teach makes us 21st Century Teachers
  • Not teacher lead, not student centered but Learing Centered
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs–can deliver almost all the Professional Development you will ever need!

Specific Insights:

  • I still have a long way to go–getting to the sweet spot in TPACK2
  • I am headed in the right direction
  • I want to lead my staff to transforming how they teach!
  • There is so much to learn!
  • I am energized by the challenge
  • I need more time in my day to spend in all my social media sites
  • That I closely align with the Tool Belt Theory
  • That  I need more collaborative time with my staff, and other media/tech specialists

Questions Raised:

  • Finding that balance in my life–to get to social media, fitness, putting down work and finding my hobbies again.
  • Perhaps my hobby is technology!  LOL!
  • The challenge ahead is how to move staff.  How do I get them to want tech PD?
  • I need to take a new approach to lesson planning–thanks for the new form
  • I need to post on a wall–the four negotiables–for students and me
  • When is the next PD class–I am ready!

Implication for Action:

  • Lesson Plan Makeovers for the summer!
  • Google PD–anywhere I can find it for increase in student collaboration
  • Continue to explore, play and reflect about technology and how to use it in the classroom
  • Spend time continuing to build my Twitter network

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

 This quote is very meaniful still today!

Thank you Cary for an awesome class!  I have some others primed for the next round! 🙂


About kreiber

Media/Tech Specialist, loves middle school students, techy, reader, life-long learner who needs a place to keep all the great books she reads and wants to share with others and a proud mom!
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