Goals of NETP

Summarizing the Goals “Turn Ideas into Action”
Goal 1 Learning: Engage * Empower both in and out of school

  • Standards that allow for 21 habits: critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, multimedia communication and tech competecies
  • Learn how people learn and then teach them how to learn
  • STEM

Goal 2  Assessment:  Measure what Matters!

  • Use data for continuous improvement
  • Use technology to improve assessments formative and summative
  • Research how simulations, games, virtual worlds, cognitive tutors–engage and motivate
  • Universal Design for Learning–assess what we intended to assess
  • Getting private–private

Goal 3 Teaching:  Prepare and Connect

  • Connect to data, resources, tools etc.
  • Leverage social networking technologies
  • PD powered with technology
  • Online instruction, blended learning

Goal 4 Infrastructure:  Access and Enable

  • Broadband access and wifi
  • Using internet
  • Need device for creation
  • Open Education Resources

Goal 5 Productivity: Redesign and Transform

  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Manage costs

About kreiber

Media/Tech Specialist, loves middle school students, techy, reader, life-long learner who needs a place to keep all the great books she reads and wants to share with others and a proud mom and grandma!
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