This article talks about teens needing their sleep.  What keeps them up?  School-work, jobs, dinner and chores–then teens try to have some relaxing time.  But the relaxing time might be keeping them up!

TV screens, e-readers, computers, cell phones etc. give off “blue light” that our brains reads as “daylight”.  This may be keeping them awake longer because it cuts the amount of melatonin needed to promote sleep.

Could be that information teens are getting during screen time play on their emotions and/or excite them.

Recommended amount of sleep 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours.

Silence your devices or have them charge elsewhere so they don’t keep teens up!!!!

Conclusion:  No screen time just before bed because of the blue light and because of the emotional effects–more negative feelings/attitudes carry over if screen time before bed.

Kowalski, Kathiann..Need Those “ZZZZZs.” Odyssey.  March 2015.  Print.


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