The Balance of Screen Time

Holland, Beth.  “The Balance of Screen Time.” Edutopia. Edutopia Schools That Work 23 Sept. 2105. Web. 16 March 2015.

In this article it says that APA says kids under the age of 2 should have NO Screen Time.

Beth Holland, poses these 3 questions about screen time for children:

Is it appropriate, meaningful and empowering?  Interesting–it reminds that computers for some give them a voice.  It may give introverted students a voice–one who wouldn’t speak in front of peers.   The article went on to say that technology can empower all students to make “deeper connections with content and learning.”  One teacher used Today’s Meet, back channeling website–as she read she allows students connect, question and infer about the book.  “Students think, collaboarate and construct their own meaning…”  I did that when I read Capture the Flag Book to 5th graders during recess a couple of years ago.  The biggest hurl to overcome is that students have first learn to use it as tool and not a way to write silly things.  Once we got over that it was a great tool for predicting what would happen in the book.  Funny story–it was good until a student got another copy of the book and got ahead of us and then would always spoil the predictions.

Unplugging can reduce stress, eyestrain, the pressure of always be online. (I might add with poor ergonomics neck pain, back pain etc.)   A healthier lifestyle means finding learning experiences that they can get from peers and adults.

This leads me to the thought of how much is too much screen time in school?


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