Take A Break from Technology

This was a podcast to school leaders on how they can help their teachers and ultimately their students when it comes to finding the balance.

Here is the podcast:Education Leaders Overwhelmed by Technology

Heart to heart conversations on leadership.  How dependent or addicted are we to our technology?

Endangering brains— brains are leaking feeling pleasure and feeling anxiety.  Phantom pocket vibration syndrome—LOL  Grab it out of pocket—no one!  Dopamine is released for technology addictions.

Hunger for purpose after the novelty wore off.  What change can we make? Dr. Larry Rosen says tech overloads our brain—need  to take a break.

Teens check our phones every 15 minutes


Recongize when you are overload

Take 10 minutes to calm your brain

Recognize—big problem at night time.  Charge it away from bed.

Engage the body and mind perhaps outside.

Principal should look at how purposeful is technology.

Educators do not use it enough for deep learning.  Still absent.  15 minutes a day connect and collaborative.

Lets take Technology Break and look for 1 minute then turn upside and work.  Then leng them  each break all day long.

Kids are using these technology all the time, but know they need some away time.

How does online time build offline.

Take a break from technology.

This is not easy to do!


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Media/Tech Specialist, loves middle school students, techy, reader, life-long learner who needs a place to keep all the great books she reads and wants to share with others and a proud mom!
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