Mental Well Being and Screen Use

Yang, Fei et. al. “Electronic Screen Use and Mental Well-Being of 10-12 Year Old Children.” European Journal of Public Health. 8 August 2012. Web. 31 March 2015.

Study looking at screen time and mental well being in children 10-12.

62% of boys claim video games help them relax, 50% help them forget problems and 46% helps to reduce anger.

Some think that increase screen time = negatively impacts self esteem, and socialability

The study was correlating the amount of screen time to any negative symptoms.  Like feeling sad or blue, sleeping problems, hopelessness, cry easily, no appetite, no interest in doing things, lonely

It show that over 4 hours of screen time –reduce sleep efficiency and perhaps causing increase in ADHD.

It showed that with more screen time the negative indicators increased so that these two; screen time and negative indicators do go hand in hand.


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