Reduce Screen Time

Experts say limited to two hours or less a day unless it is work or homework related–interesting!

From the Kaiser Foundation

In 8-18 year olds:

  • 28% parents set-TV watching rules
  • 30% video game usage
  • 36% rules about computer usage

When parents do set rules –showed that it was about 3 hours less than if no rules–hmmmm


7.5 Hours entertainment video

4.5 Hours on TV

1.5 Hours on Computer

1 + Hour on video games

More than 1 in 3 have a computer in their bedroom with internet access

50% have video games in Bedroom

2 out 3 have TV’s  (this often increases their tv time by one hour!!)

25 MINUTES a day spent on READING BOOKS

What to do..What to do

Family Conference –can actually track time

Parents be good role modes

Play video games that make you active

Exercise at commercials–I guess DVR is out!

No screens in bedrooms

Meals are device and screen free

Provide other options for kids–this is your job!!!

Don’t use screen time as rewards or punishments–makes screen time seem IMPORTANT

This article did talk about solutions.  Focus on the physical activity of our children!

“Reduce Screen Time.” National Institute of Health. Department of Health and Human Services. 13 February 2015.


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