Technology and Teaching: Finding a Balance Article

Technology and Teaching:  Finding a Balance

Marcinek, Andrew. “Technology and Teaching:  Finding a Balance.” Edutopia, 24 April 2015. Edutopia.

Web. 26 April 2015.

Andrew Marcinek is director of Technology and out of Boston, MA.

This article is focusing on teTeachnology is integrated into everything that teachers do and the future jobs that our students will take as well.

Teachers need to find the balance when learning about and integrating technology.  I have to agree—I spend a huge amount of time just learning new tools, testing them out and setting accounts up for students and staff.

“Technology is a literacy that is expected in higher education and in our economy.” I like that they said technology is “a universal language spoken by the entire world.”

Our students will not get lucky and drop into a profession/job and work there until retirement. Outsourcing and automation will continue to take over many jobs that exist today.

Those 21st century skills of adapting, be life long learners and “apply various skill sets in many directions.”

  • Multitask
  • Connect beyond the workday
  • Collaborate
  • Connect local and global
  • Being responsible Digital Citizens

With that said we need to balance this connection with “offline socializing and interpersonal skills.”

He states, that technology is as important as other content areas being taught.

Information Literacy Skills are very important:

  • “How to question effectively and efficiently.”
  • More to read than ever—print and digital—how to find, access and use what is avaialable.
  • Gotta love this guy—encourage a love of reading in all formats.
  • Need to also know how to question, analyze, synthesize with all sorts of media

You have to deliberately integrate technology—for example Google Docs

Three tools he is recommending these three tools:

Edmodo  LMS  =  WMS Blackboard

Google Sites

Google Drive—using as a digital dropbox

He ended with: It’s okay to ask a student Jand we are preparing our students for their future not ours!!


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