Screen Time and Kids

“Screen Time and Children.” Medline Plus.  10 May 2013. Web. 17 May 2015.

Defining screen time:  TV, computer, video games, phone.  While doing this you are physically inactive.

Stats from this article:

Children: 3 hours of TV, all types together 7.  Which is consistent with other sites.

What does it affect?  Sleep, attention, anxiety, depression, and obesity.

They define unhealthy screen time as surfing the internet, facebook, youtube video watching.

Under 2 no screen time

Over 2 –1-2 hours a day

I did like some of their suggestions to decrease screen time:

  • Decide on what TV programs to watch ahead of time and then turn it off—sense of purpose
  • Record actual time spent
  • As a parent decrease screen time to 2 hours or less a day
  • Do not eat with the TV on
  • Screen time must equal active time—this is a really good one

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