Using Technology Mindfully in the Classroom

This was an interesting post by a classroom teacher turned administrator.

“Finding a Mindful Balance with Technology.” The Mindful ClasTsroom. Blog. 21 October 2012. Web.  17 May 2015.

This blog author is a teacher turned middle school administrator whose focus is on a Mindful Classroom.  She references Goldie Hawn’s book, 10 Mindful Minutes that talks about our children having “butterfly brain”.  Where they constantly are moving from subject to subject where they lose focus on a single task.  It goes on to say that it is harmful to brain development in the following areas:

  • Memory formation
  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Healthy Interpersonal skills

It refers to the documentary I AM which I really need to watch which the author says the main point of the movie is that humans want “connection and mutual cooperation.” Technology can do this for students.

This was a great quote by Chris Lehman, “It is no longer enough to powerful work if no one sees it.” Our kids have powerful messages to share—-like our Clean Water Initiative that our students are currently working on.  The blog gave a couple of examples of kids raising over $35,000.00 for a Mexican Orphanage and another student starting a blog and her own self esteem program.

Improve brain function?  Participate in acts of kindness and use technology to document it.

Technology can connect us to the larger world—like never before!  Technology can increase student engagement. They can be responsible for their own learning.

Meaningful activities, the author says “increase dopamine levels which increases alertness, attentiveness, quick thinking, motivation and mental engery.

Not used in excess and when finding the balance it will enhance learning.

We need to give them the “inner tools” needed to calm their minds in this fast paced world.


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